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OK, sorry, this is kinda gross:

I'd planned to write something meaningful about how pleased I am that the Obama Administration is hitting the ground running. Unfortunately, I've been preoccupied by matters more personal and less pleasant:

My neurologist switched me over to a generic anti-epileptic a few weeks ago, one which supposedly contains the same active molecule as the drug that had been keeping me seizure-free.

Well, I'm coming to the conclusion that some of those allegedly inactive molecules were an important part of the compound, after all, because this generic stuff isn't working. I suffered a seizure one night last week, and another during the early morning hours today. Last week's episode left me exhausted and sore all over; this morning ... this would be the gross part ... I appear to have hit my head and bit my tongue, somewhat.

Once I was coherent, I phoned the on-call physician, who remarked ruefully about the unreliability of generic anti-epileptics, recommended a temporary dose increase and lots of sleep, and strongly advised that I speak to my regular doctor about going back to the name-brand on Monday.

So that would be the plan, at this point.

Edit, 01/25/09: I'm feeling a whole lot better after eight hours' sleep.
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