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More for my own personal amusement than anything else, the following is a travelogue of a trip I took to Ocean City, NJ (near Atlantic City) to see family during the week of July 4th, 2010:

June 30, 9:15 PM: You know that OMG feeling you get as the jet first starts to lift off of the runway? I'm there already.

July 3, 3:24 AM: ‎"And meet me tonight in Atlantic City ..."

(OK, it's nothing like that now. I'm just fucking around.)

July 3, 7:05 PM: On the boardwalk at night having Sicilian pizza & birch beer. 84 degrees fahrenheit. Humid. Home sweet SoJo.

July 4, 7:17 PM: BTW, I quit my job on Friday ... and, yeah, Happy Independence Day.

July 5, 11:30 PM: Niiiiiiiiice day: quality time w/ family; enveloping 97 degree heat & brilliant sun; slamming, cold waves; & nighttime beach re-lit by showering fire.

July 6, 8:30 AM: If I hear "Under the Boardwalk" once more, I may start breaking windows.

July 6, 10:40 AM: For a place where so many long-term residents rely on bicycles to get around, people on this island are remarkably clueless about how not to get killed on one.

July 6, 11:56 AM: Chai. Bubble tea. Signs of burgeoning civilization in the cheese steak wilderness.

July 6, 5:02 PM: I'm glad to see a little of the Eastern U.S.'s blazing light & heat shared with the Pacific Northwest. Ocean City might get a thunderstorm out of the deal.

July 6, 7:02 PM: I woke up with this song in my head & decided to go buy my niece some groceries.

July 7, 1:55 AM: Kid, if you're taller than your mom, I'm pretty sure you can make your own lunch.

July 7, 9:27 AM: Hoping to get some alone time just staring out at the ocean, today.

July 7, 6:57 PM: Mmmm: My sister made pastelon de platano ...

July 8, 6:48 AM: Just went outside to escape the bone-chilling air conditioning. Heat's nice (80 or so) but the air's still thick & swampy. And it's started to rain.

July 8, 11:38 AM: At least the sunlight's back, this afternoon. If it's going to be hot & humid anyway, I want my vitamin D & natural antidepressant

July 8, 6:45 PM: Four days in the sun & still the fairest of them all. Plus side, not fried.

July 9, 9:09 AM: Has it been a week already? Has it only been a week? Where do I live again? All mixed up.

July 10, 9:33 AM: Return trip to Seattle delayed 12 hours due to a bout of The Sick. Now waiting in Atlantic City airport reading for next 5.5 hours. And it's raining.

July 10, 6:08 PM: Made it to Georgia. Hopefully won't still be here when the lights go out.

July 11, 1:45 PM: Home, after 9 days. Stripped June's woolen blanket from bed, turned on fan. Sleep now.

July 11 8:56 AM: Getting re-acclimated. I have: 2 cats, cute; apartment, messy; lots & lots of books. I am ... crazy cat lady? No wrong gender, not enough cats. Hmmm.
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