Apr. 7th, 2010

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Cleaning house a few weeks ago, I stumbled on a box full of pictures from the 1990s. Pulling the first couple out of the box, the sight of them was literally dizzying: they were packaged in little envelopes with the logo of a photo developer, the images were washed out, there were brown negatives behind them in the envelope.  Pre-digital.  Pre-digital. And, it started to dawn on me, predating almost everything that I’m taking for granted as I sit here typing.

More than the antediluvian format or the dust, the realization of difference, distance shocked, couldn’t be assimilated–as if the digital and online facts of my present life had been identical in 1990.  A part of me recoiled from the realization that this was even the past.  The people I was connected to, the clubs we went to, the books and films we were talking about, the local politics.  But everything in those photos was ten-to-twenty years ago, when pictures were taken on film and life online mostly just meant email.

And I lived in the Bates Motel.

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