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You could say that I haven't had the best kind of year. That kind of understatement is always diverting.

I'll try to sum up the main points:

Changes in my health status and job collided messily during the first six months of this year. My employer and I tried to come to an accommodation. It didn't work. I didn't feel like I could take another day of it and quit with my doctor's blessing. I am now engaged in a full-time investigation of other, more suitable endeavors.

That last part's not easy, but pretty excellent, actually.
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First, let me apologize for not updating everyone on the results of my November hospitalization. I know, I know, it's been months, and those of you who don't follow me on Facebook might have been unnecessarily worried by my silence.

First of all, I got through the hospitalization alright. Mind you, I endured the humiliation of being nearly naked all week with electrodes in my hair, wires tethering me to the wall. And I was there deliberately courting the most awful kind of experience I've ever had. In the end, however, we got the information we needed without too much of that electrocuted feeling that always comes with seizures, and without my pulling any muscles or biting my tongue.

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On learning of my recent bouts of the twitches, my doctor graciously consented to put me back on brand-name anti-seizure meds. Another several days' worth of miscues followed before I was able to actually get the pills from the pharmacy. But, as of the middle of this past week, I'm finally back on the meds that actually work--or, at least, the ones that have best done so in the past.

The catch? The formulary has changed. So from now on, the drugs that actually work are going to cost me three times as much.

The thing is, I'll happily pay it to avoid having another seizure. Hell, I'd practically do anything to to have that.
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OK, sorry, this is kinda gross:

I'd planned to write something meaningful about how pleased I am that the Obama Administration is hitting the ground running. Unfortunately, I've been preoccupied by matters more personal and less pleasant:

My neurologist switched me over to a generic anti-epileptic a few weeks ago, one which supposedly contains the same active molecule as the drug that had been keeping me seizure-free.

Well, I'm coming to the conclusion that some of those allegedly inactive molecules were an important part of the compound, after all, because this generic stuff isn't working. I suffered a seizure one night last week, and another during the early morning hours today. Last week's episode left me exhausted and sore all over; this morning ... this would be the gross part ... I appear to have hit my head and bit my tongue, somewhat.

Once I was coherent, I phoned the on-call physician, who remarked ruefully about the unreliability of generic anti-epileptics, recommended a temporary dose increase and lots of sleep, and strongly advised that I speak to my regular doctor about going back to the name-brand on Monday.

So that would be the plan, at this point.

Edit, 01/25/09: I'm feeling a whole lot better after eight hours' sleep.
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Way easier than blogging ...

  • 09:58 Officially on vacation now, headed for friday harbor, monday. Hoping sun holds out ... #
  • 10:12 Obama/biden: 2008 u.s. Presidential race continues to follow west wing season 7 plot. #
  • 10:26 Last night, dreamt someone scolded me for wearing st. Christopher's medal w/o being catholic. #
  • 15:55 Sign in the park says keep people, pets out of fountain. Mostly observed in breach. #
  • 17:34 The jack-n-the-box murals are back! Hope they don't get stolen, this time. #
  • 19:11 Got new specs! Not hideous. I think. #
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Way easier than blogging ...
  • 12:41 When did eyeglass frames all get so square? #
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My Cat Eats Inappropriate Things--cut for length & slightly unsavory subject matter )
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Last weekend, hackers exploited a security hole in the Epilepsy Foundation's website to embed "hundreds of pictures and links to pages with rapidly flashing images" in the site's support forums. The hackers' surprise lightshows were enough to trigger severe migraines and near-seizures in some photosensitive and pattern-sensitive viewers. Wired magazine describes it as "possibly the first computer attack to inflict physical harm on the victims."

The offline metaphor that comes to mind is that scene in Kiss of Death where a giggling Richard Widmark pushes a wheelchair-bound woman down the stairs.
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Get a flu shot, next winter, OK?
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This cold's been going 'round my office for the past couple weeks. I've been chugging buckets of vitamin C the whole time, hoping to fight it off.

Naturally, however, the beastie catches up with me just as soon as I get to the long weekend. Looks like I'm going to spend the whole time being Made of Sick.

On the bright side, I've got one more day on which to make a miraculous recovery ...
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After weeks of watching everyone else come down with this season's monster flu, the thin ice cracked underneath me, yesterday: low energy, chills, aching joints, stinging eyes, sneezing, torrential snot, sore throat, the whole miserable deal.

I'd love to write about more interesting things--like [ profile] marginalia's birthday, the Oscars, Zodiac,and my friend MJ's liberation from her abusive job, but, frankly, I'm going back to bed.
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While my ex and I were talking on the phone the other day, she asked me whether I felt any different a few days shy of a certain milestone. I laughed and told her that I didn't feel remotely close to the way I imagined I'd feel at this age. Which was true enough.

Of course, looking in the mirror the following morning, there were three long white hairs standing out in my beard that I swear hadn't been there, the day before.

In Greek mythology, Nemesis brings low the mighty and arrogant, checks the "frivolous insolence of mortals." Sometimes, though, all she's got to do is tweak you a bit ...
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When they were handing out alcohol tolerance, I was apparently busy getting extra helpings of geekiness and wimptitude. And, as I managed to tell my sister in my pidgin español over the phone earlier today, tuve un poco demasiado sábado por la noche, last night, and jesus cristo en una bicicleta am I paying for it, today. I mean, I hydrated and everything, so I'm not in pain, just dog-tired and nauseous.

Yeah, yeah, I know: if you can't do the time, don't do the crime, right? But since I'm currently in this situation: Anybody have any tips on how to chase the queasies and enervation away?
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I seem to have misplaced it.

Seriously-- )
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Now, if I could just get my body to adjust to getting up early in the morning again, everything would be copacetic ...
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My Friday began with a potentially serious mishap, & ended with ... shall we say, a new addition to the household:

The Mishap: )

The New Addition )
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I've been meaning to go to the Baltic Room's annual Diwali/Bollywood party, well, since I missed last year's. So was I going to let a little thing like a recently dislocated shoulder and multiple pulled muscles stop me? Hell, no!

So, in what might have been described as an excess of joi de vivre, I shed my sling, put on some cool clothes and went with my coworker Ajitha & her partner Diwakr to (belatedly) ring in the Hindu Near Year, last night. It was like Brimful of Asha on the 45 (with live percussion!) till the wee hours.

Amazingly, I appear to have damaged myself in no important way--especially considering that I dislocated my shoulder for the first time a dozen years ago while ... dancing. But last night's calesthenics were, ah, less vigorous than that at infamous incident.

But, man, am I sore! Good thing I got to sleep, today ...
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Or, to be more precise, clouds of tear-inducing pollen are.  I never used to be allergic to anything, but this year my eyes are constantly burning and my sinuses are having a panic attack.  The thing is, never having been allergic to anything before, I used to really like spring. This year, though, my eyes and nose are so irritated that I can barely see or smell any the teeming, fragrant, technocolor life that I'm apparently allergic to ....


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