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Meeting Love & Rockets creators Jaime (or "Xaime") and Gilbert ("Beto") Hernandez last weekend put a lot of things in perspective, for me.  After following their work for so many years, I had a wealth of questions about their creative processes, influences, opinions, intentions.  And, of course, I was curious whether the sense I had of them would be borne out in person.  I'm pleased to say that it was, and that the experience of talking with them only deepened my appreciation of their art:


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I've been reading Love & Rockets since the mid-1980s.  I feel as though grew up with Xaime Hernandez' Margarita "Maggie" Chascarillo and Esperanza "Hopey" Glass, and I love the way that these characters have evolved over the years.  More than any other fictional characters I can think of, they're like people I know--people I've known since "we" were teenagers.

I've always been a big fan of Beto Hernandez' Palomar stories, too: I certainly won't be the first to liken these to Gabriel Garcia Marquez' Macondo or Fellini's Amarcord--tightly-knit fictional communities whose dozens of characters you come to know with the intimacy of family, or at least with the intimacy of the village gossip.

Which is why it looks like I'm spending a big chunk of this weekend in Georgetown:

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See, lines like that are why I think Brian K. Vaughn is the best thing to happen to graphic novel writing since Alan Moore's Watchmen. I just got around to reading "Kimono Dragons," the latest collection of Y The Last Man, and I was so not disappointed. I continue to be amazed by Vaughn's ability to keep elaborating on the "unmanned" premise, I grow more attached to the characters with every story cycle, and the dialogue still totally rocks.


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