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More for my own personal amusement than anything else, the following is a travelogue of a trip I took to Ocean City, NJ (near Atlantic City) to see family during the week of July 4th, 2010:

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Driving down I-5 to Oregon the Friday before last, the group of us got a little slap-happy trying to find a restaurant late at night in the middle of nowhere. We saw a sign for a "café" at one point, but on further investigation this just turned out to be a snack shack in an R.V. park--and closed. A few miles later, we glimpsed a distant neon promise of sustenance. The only problem was getting there.

Tiffany recorded our confusion for posterity (see vid).

The food actually turned out to be altogether Elvis-worthy.

Also? There was karaoke. But we resisted that temptation ...
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As planned, I went down to Oregon last weekend to scrounge up a few more primary votes for Barack Obama. I caught a ride there on Friday with a coworker and her friend, who'd been recruited for the same purpose.
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So I'm going to Portland OR to canvass for the Obama campaign, this weekend. Looks like I'm going to have some time on my hands on Saturday night, and I've never really been to Portland, before. (Well, I've been to the airport, but you know what I mean ...) Anyone have any recommendations for fun things to do on a Saturday night in Portland after a hard day of politicking?

The people I'm driving down want to go to Voodoo Doughnut. Because I'm a book nerd, I want to at least get a look at Powell's.

But, seriously, as far as I know, those are the only places in Portland I've heard of ...
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After a couple of weeks working overtime, several frantic days of Christmas shopping, and over fourteen hours in transcontinental transit, I finally arrived at my niece's house heavily laden with gifts and luggage in the nearly-freezing cold of 1:00 AM on December 24th ... to find no one home.

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Anyway, long story short, I was drifting off in the guest bedroom an hour after that, and the subsequent couple of days have more than made up for my trouble. More on which later ...
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Looking at the map, I'm reminded that I've lived most of my life in northern, coastal states. I definitely need to see more of the Southeast and Southwest, one of these days.
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My personal world map

visited 4 countries-
like to visit 29 countries

Create your own world map

Man, I'm way behind on my jetsetting.

Also, I regard not having ever been to a Spanish-speaking country (even the old ancestral homeland of P.R. ...) as something of a personal failure. Anyone have any tips for financing global travel on the cheap?

(Also, it occurs to me that I only think about going to countries where I like the food. Which is, I guess, rather, um, cuisinist, of me ...)
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So, looks like I'm going to be in Houston from Wednesday through Friday, observing focus groups.  I've actually never been outside of the airport in Texas, before.  Anyone out there have any Texas travel tips ... [ profile] sarrabellum?
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Tired of being outvoted by liberal Seattle and its environs in two close presidential elections and the closest governor’s race in U.S. history, some conservative eastern Washington politicians now want to divide the state in two. The new states of 'Cascadia' & 'Westsylvania' )
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I celebrated my birthday this year with a trip to San Francisco, over MLK-Day weekend:

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I managed to get down to Washington, DC to sightsee a little one night during my recent Bethesda trip. The sun was already going down by the time I reached the National Mall, so I decided to walk out along the Tidal Basin to see the monuments--which I think are more impressive at night, anyway. Read more... )


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