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Much like last year, I got invited to spend this Thanksgiving at P.J.'s place (P.J. is a friend-of-a-friend) over on the lake in Kirkland. We did the deep-fried turkey thing again, which was as gastronomically perfect as ever, even if the social setting was occasionally awkward.

At Someone Else's Home for the Holidays )
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Hice demasiado coquito.

Seriously: anybody want some? I made enough for an army.
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My niece April, my oldest brother Victor (see icon), the latter's girlfriend Ziggy, and I met up in Collingswood on Thursday to have dinner at Casona, a Cuban place which had come very highly recommended.

Dining Out, Entertaining Ourselves )
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Here I was all impressed with myself for biking all the way to Shoreline for MJ's BBQ, the other day, and then reviewing the route on MapQuest I see that it was just ten miles each way. It sure felt like more than that ...

Anyway, I'd do it again for MJ's aunt's cooking.
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On Wednesday, I turned thirty for the tenth year in a row. Woo-hoo! (It's a nice age, really; I decided awhile ago that I'd keep it.)

So, um, what are you guys trying to say ...? )

Ell-Jay Par-Tay )

Feelin' the LOVE ...
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Monday will mark the second year in a row I've had to forego a trip home to visit la familia during Christmas week.

I've been kind of bumming about not getting to see the relatives, but at least it's thrown me back on my own resources: I just don't feel like it's navidad unless there's coquito around, and being deprived of another source obliges me to whip up my own.

I actually just put this year's first batch in the fridge--it's pretty exciting, if I do say so myself: thick, with just a patina of cinnamon and nutmeg, faintly sweet, and enough rum to make you weave like Captain Jack Sparrow.

Once the elixir has cooled, I'll transfer it to a thermos to get it ready for the trip to [ profile] sleepwhenimdead and [ profile] sarrabellum's, tomorrow afternoon. At which point, I trust that much silliness will ensue ...
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I've been meaning to go to Central Cinema ever since the place opened, a couple of years ago. It's kind of pathetic that I've never ventured out that way, before, as it turns out to be about a 30-minute walk or 5-minute bus ride from where I live.

Well, [ profile] jmargethe and I finally made it out there for dinner and a screening of Citizen Kane, on Friday. Read more... )

Anyway, I'm really glad that we went--now that I know how to get to Central Cinema, I'm sure that I'll be back. And I'm sure that I'll be watching Kane again in a year or so to see how it strikes me, by then.
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This year's Thanksgiving involved deep-fried turkey at a party in Issaquah, in the company of my friends Jen and the other Jen; a couple of guys (including the first Jen's boyfriend) whose names I am, alas, forgetting; and the lovely [ profile] jmargethe.

Thanksgiving without a Structure Fire )
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On Sunday, I had the pleasure of seeing a whole bunch of people I just never get enough of: First off, [ profile] sarrabellum  and [ profile] sleepwhenimdead  whisked me off to the East Side for their son Haven's birthday fete.  At some unnamed East Side mall (I'm still completely lost over there; I never get out of the city ...), we met up with [ profile] ketina  and [ profile] ronelyn[ profile] pinky_ki , and [ profile] ladyavalon42  and [ profile] differedrom  (and the latter couple's brood of excitable young'uns) to see the new Harry Potter movie

Harry Potter and the Goblins of Puberty )

The Party )

Alas, I had to duck out of the party early in order to meet another group of friends, these from last year's Spanish class, for dinner at Cedar's and a Flamenco show at the U, that evening.  La cena y el flamenco )

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Last night, a coworker and I tried out Seattle's newer Moroccan restaurant, Mamounia, which just happens to be in Cap Hill (my neighborhood).  Mmmm ... Moroccan food ... )

Doin' the funky Sheikh ... )

Afterward, I took a walk through Cal Anderson Park (what we in the neighborhood like to call "Teletubbyland"), where I watched some guys (mostly bike messengers, it turned out) play bike polo--which, frankly, I'd never even heard of, before--on the soccer field, under a bright full moon.  Meanwhile, I listened to a couple of fellow spectators arguing (hopelessly, pointlessly) about whether there's a God or not ... 

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[ profile] sleepwhenimdead , [ profile] sarrabellum , and I had dinner at Sofrito Rico in Ballard, last night. nuestra cena puertoriqueña y una película muy estraña... )

God, I'm still full ...

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I've been thinking about heading up to Ballard, one of these weekends, ever since the summer weather started to set in, and I finally did, today--although not (as planned) para tomar el sol or to get Puerto Rican food: Jen was up visiting from San Francisco (for the first time since February!) and we met [ profile] attam for lunch at Ray's Boat House, which was one of Jen's old haunts from her Seattle days.

Feelin' homesick ... )

Then I spent a lazy, sunny day on the water reading about Medieval Spain. I learned, among other things, that the name of the Spanish Catholic shrine, Santiago de Compostela, is a corruption of the Latin Sanctus Iacomus de Campus Stellarum--"St. James of the Field of Stars."

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The other night, my friends Iain and Roxane and I went to see a Flamenco show at "La Porta," a Greek restaurant in Seattle's Eastlake neighborhood. The artists were the band "Carmona Flamenco," who accompanied la bailarína flamenca muy linda y talentosa, Ana Montés. (Roxane teased me that I'm un poco enamorado con Ana Montés. ..) This was my third Flamenco show. ¡Me gusta mucho! I'd love to learn to play the guitar or el cajón for Flamenco. Well, it looks really cool, anyway ... ;)


Feb. 6th, 2005 01:21 pm
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Friday night, Jen (who's up visiting from San Francisco), [ profile] attam, & I went out for dinner at La Medusa in Columbia City. Sicilian Soul Food? )
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I celebrated my birthday this year with a trip to San Francisco, over MLK-Day weekend:

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