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My Cat Eats Inappropriate Things--cut for length & slightly unsavory subject matter )
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We have mice in our office now.

And I don't mean the kind you keep in cages.

We started seeing them scurrying between the cubicle dividers about two weeks ago.

The building maintenance people called in an exterminator the day after the rodents' first appearance, and they supposedly laid out traps. But the sightings have continued.

Several of us have been entertaining ourselves with the idea of having a "Bring your cat to work day" ...
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The view from my living room window has gotten a little more film noir since the Cap Hill Twice Sold Tales moved in across the street. The five-color neon sign glowers through the venetian blinds on a rainy day like the window of Arthur Gwynn Geiger's bookstore in The Big Sleep:

Twice Sold Tales

Some neighbors have complained about the faint glare, but the store's owner is considerate enough to turn the sign off when they close at night, so it's not like they're flagrant about it. And having a weakness for that whole trashy neon aesthetic, I kind of enjoy the ambience.

Inside, the new store has a completely different feel, a labyrinthine quality that reminds me of the monastic library in The Name of the Rose: perhaps a dozen rooms full of books winding around almost the entire first floor of the Abonita building. The space is too small for you to actually lose your way, but it almost feels as though you could.

And then there are the cats ... )


Apr. 14th, 2008 10:36 pm
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Izzy's learned to fetch )
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I just want to say "thanks" to everyone who participated in my recent Name That Kitten poll. A plurality suggested calling her "Esme", a name which appealed to me because it was both simple and unusual.

After several days of trying, though, I have to admit that the name just doesn't suit her. Instead, I've come to the conclusion that this one's an "Izzy":

yet more kitten pictures )
"Izzy" just seems to better match her wild hair, frenetic energy, and overall air of juvenile delinquency*.

Also, it's easier to pronounce ...

*That last photo, where Izzy looks so determined? She's clawing her way up my pantleg. Which is all well and cute, now, since she still weighs almost nothing, and since her claws are still too short to cut through my jeans. However ...
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OK, what would you call [Poll #1076480][Poll #1076480]
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I know you've all been dying to see kitten pictures, so here ya go:

I'm still taking naming suggestions for the new arrival--I'd post a poll, but Livejournal seems to have a nervous breakdown every time I try to post one, here, so that'll have to be a separate entry.

Fraidy Cat

Oct. 16th, 2007 09:09 am
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My eighteen-month-old tomcat is afraid of an eight-week-old kitten.*

I am so ashamed.

(Pulls paper bag over head.)

*Actually, he's pretty much gotten over it, now, and they're getting along fine. I've just been wanting to post that since the weekend.
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I've been on one of my periodic flamenco kicks, lately. why everything sounds better with castanets )
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For your amusement and appreciation, some recent photos of my younger cat Ozzy doing his best to imitate a biped: 

Hard to believe the little guy looked like this just nine months ago ....
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There I was, minding my own business, reading a novel, listening to music, when I hear something go bonk in the kitchen. I figured that it was Ozzy with one of his cat toys. But then my mighty predator comes prancing into the room, looking immensely pleased with himself, a 2.25 ounce Styrofoam, plastic and cardboard Cup O' Noodles clasped in his jaws. I had to chase the little bastard to get it back, too.

And now it occurs to me that I'm going to have to start locking the cupboards ...
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My fearless feline has decided that his new favorite perch is atop my bike--or, more precisely, inside the bag on the rear rack:
Cat on a Bike )

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Ozzy, the little bastard, makes a move on my jelly doughnut:
Caught in the Act )
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So, my plan was to gradually introduce Zoe, my ten-year-old calico to the new kitten, Ozzy. I figured that she'd initially be very jealous and territorial, but that the new arrival would ultimately be the cure for the bored, clingy, whiney state she'd been in since her old pal Puig died. I didn't expect this to happen overnight, but there's been been some progress, already. First, though, here's a picture of Mr. Oz interacting with his new big sister:
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My Friday began with a potentially serious mishap, & ended with ... shall we say, a new addition to the household:

The Mishap: )

The New Addition )
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My older cat, Puig, finally succumbed to his cancer, this weekend.  He'd been on medication for several weeks, which had at first restored him to at least a semblance of normal health.  But, as we knew it likely would, the cancer eventually became refractory to the meds.  Puig's condition began to noticeably deteriorate again about a week ago.  As of Friday night, he couldn't even stand up any more, and was making the most pitiful sounds.  By morning, there was just no denying it, so I called the vet and we agreed that it was time.

He went peacefully.

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I took Puig to a different vet, last week, who told me that what's ailing him may not be exactly what we thought ... )


And so we did something about it--with surprising results )

And, you know, even if the effect is fleeting--as it may well be--it's a real gift to see the little fella so much himself again, for however long we can sustain this.

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Since getting Puig’s test results on Saturday (which revealed that he has hyperthyroidism and very likely has cancer), I've gotten a second opinion from a veterinarian friend, Aimee. She helped me clarify my thinking about Puig's situation:

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The vet called me today with my cat's test results:

What we know, what we don't know )


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