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What follows behind the cut is my photographic record of election night, 2008, as it unfolded in the streets of Seattle, more or less illustrating the merry ramblings of my last journal entry:

Seattle Rejoins the United States--Click Here for Photos )

Inland Sea

Aug. 31st, 2008 11:14 pm
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Last week, I managed to get away to the San Juan Islands for a couple of days. The planned whale-watching was a bust, but I enjoyed the change of scene.

I traveled up via the Victoria Clipper, which turned out to be much more convenient and comfortable than the route I'd initially thought I'd have to take--an hours-long bus ride north to Anacortes and a ferry from Fidalgo to San Juan Island. Instead, I just caught an early-morning city bus down to Pier 69, checked in, and settled in for a two-and-a-half hour, 65-mile catamaran ride up the Sound to Friday Harbor )
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My Cat Eats Inappropriate Things--cut for length & slightly unsavory subject matter )

Wall Art

Jun. 22nd, 2008 10:37 pm
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I'm all about the pic-posts, today. The latest is a tribute to [ profile] dlasky and everyone else who contributed to a certain neighborhood art project:

Didn't I say that Seattle needed murals? )
Nice work, guys.

06/26/08 EDIT: The post has been updated today, including a more complete representation of the mural.
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As planned, I went down to Oregon last weekend to scrounge up a few more primary votes for Barack Obama. I caught a ride there on Friday with a coworker and her friend, who'd been recruited for the same purpose.
My Working Vacation )
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The view from my living room window has gotten a little more film noir since the Cap Hill Twice Sold Tales moved in across the street. The five-color neon sign glowers through the venetian blinds on a rainy day like the window of Arthur Gwynn Geiger's bookstore in The Big Sleep:

Twice Sold Tales

Some neighbors have complained about the faint glare, but the store's owner is considerate enough to turn the sign off when they close at night, so it's not like they're flagrant about it. And having a weakness for that whole trashy neon aesthetic, I kind of enjoy the ambience.

Inside, the new store has a completely different feel, a labyrinthine quality that reminds me of the monastic library in The Name of the Rose: perhaps a dozen rooms full of books winding around almost the entire first floor of the Abonita building. The space is too small for you to actually lose your way, but it almost feels as though you could.

And then there are the cats ... )


Apr. 14th, 2008 10:36 pm
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Izzy's learned to fetch )
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Sometimes, a photo seems to compose itself:

Cafe Mecca at Night

I stumbled on this scene one night coming back from the Noir City festival, and made a point of bringing along the new camera the next time that I ventured to Lower Queen Anne.

Love that sign ...
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Over the weekend, I splurged on a new digital camera to replace the one that died on me right before the holidays. I upgraded to a Panasonic Lumix, which comes with 18x optical zoom and a raft of other shiny features.

Since then, I've been seeking out the kinds of difficult shots that my old camera invariably failed to capture: nighttime scenes, faraway mountains, people in motion, etc.

Wednesday night presented a particularly irresistible challenge, in the form of a lunar eclipse. I spent about a half an hour leaning back against a wall, struggling to keep my hands steady and focus on that slowly reddening hunk of rock up there. Here's what I managed to catch:

the poxyclipse )

It's still not quite what my eyes saw, but it's amazingly close.
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My brother-in-law emailed me these, today:

Cut so as not to consume your entire Friends page )
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During late August and early September, this year, somebody started plastering walls around Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood with posters of what I swear to God is Slavoj Zizek's ugly mug:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

If showing up as the featured commentator on the Children of Men DVD and writing ad copy for the Abercrombie and Fitch catalogue didn't adequately dramatize the Lacanian theorist's pop-cultural ambitions, I guess maybe someone around here figured that giving him the Andy Warhol treatment alongside posters for the Shins and the White Stripes would do it ...
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I finally turned in my keys to my old fourth-floor walkup on Belmont, Wednesday.

Things I will miss about living there:

1) The dramatic views of downtown
final glances out the window )
2) The kitschy murals
specially for dlasky )
3) Being right on top of five downtown bus routes
4) The neverending supply of abandoned free stuff in the laundry room
5) The pink flowers that bloom on the hedge out front in the spring

Things that I won't miss about living there (of which no photos are necessary):

1) My cramped little studio
2) The drafty, poorly-insulated windows
3) The ineffective electric heat
4) The old wiring and recurrent power outages
5) The high staff turnover
6) The smell of urine in the elevator
7) The new neighbor with the little yippy dog

There are pluses, there are minuses, but on the whole this move has been a substantial upgrade. I'll post some more pictures of the new place, once I get my wall art up.
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I just want to say "thanks" to everyone who participated in my recent Name That Kitten poll. A plurality suggested calling her "Esme", a name which appealed to me because it was both simple and unusual.

After several days of trying, though, I have to admit that the name just doesn't suit her. Instead, I've come to the conclusion that this one's an "Izzy":

yet more kitten pictures )
"Izzy" just seems to better match her wild hair, frenetic energy, and overall air of juvenile delinquency*.

Also, it's easier to pronounce ...

*That last photo, where Izzy looks so determined? She's clawing her way up my pantleg. Which is all well and cute, now, since she still weighs almost nothing, and since her claws are still too short to cut through my jeans. However ...
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I know you've all been dying to see kitten pictures, so here ya go:

I'm still taking naming suggestions for the new arrival--I'd post a poll, but Livejournal seems to have a nervous breakdown every time I try to post one, here, so that'll have to be a separate entry.
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I've lived at two addresses in Seattle, about a block apart from one another, both handsome old former residential hotels built during the 1920s.

The first one was an ivy-covered building on a cobblestoned side street. The landlady kept vases of fresh flowers on every landing, and each floor's common spaces were painted in a different color theme. On the minus side, the apartments were small and outrageously expensive.

My current building has many attractive qualities, including cutesy '20s and Northwest-themed murals on every floor: the Kalakala plying the Sound, a propeller plane banking by Mt. Rainier, bathers at Alki, etc. The rent's not even all that bad, as Seattle goes.

But it looks like I'm about ready for another move.

Thoughts During a Blackout )

You can gauge my affection for this neighborhood by the fact that I'm now considering a move to a third address about five blocks away. And thanks to [ profile] jmargethe, who's just about to move out of the apartment in question, I know that the place would be a step up from my current digs in pretty much every way.
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I've been meaning to post these for ages, too:

Independence Day Pics )
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99 River Street and I Love Trouble didn't strike me as particularly deep, but they were both vastly entertaining:

99 River Street )

I Love Trouble )

Pig Noir )

More tomorrow.

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My company had a swanky reception for our clients at Seattle's Columbia Tower, a few weeks back. Staff were paid to show up, eat, and mingle with the guests, so it turned out to be a pretty good deal for us. My one regret was that I didn't bring my digital camera, so the only images I managed to capture of the view from up there were via my cell phone. Still, I like this view of the Smith Tower seen from high above:

itty bitty skyscraper )EDIT, 07/30/07: As with seemingly every other building in Seattle, there's currently talk afoot of turning it into condos.
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Meeting Love & Rockets creators Jaime (or "Xaime") and Gilbert ("Beto") Hernandez last weekend put a lot of things in perspective, for me.  After following their work for so many years, I had a wealth of questions about their creative processes, influences, opinions, intentions.  And, of course, I was curious whether the sense I had of them would be borne out in person.  I'm pleased to say that it was, and that the experience of talking with them only deepened my appreciation of their art:


digging deep )latina punk soap opera )in vegas, there are no politics )


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