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(Sing it to the tune of Obama Girl's "I've Got a Crush on Obama")

Samantha Power has actually been one of my policy wonk heroes for a long while. I even got her to autography my copy of A Problem from Hell, back in 2002.

It's of course easy for me to overlook her recent undiplomatic outburst about Hillary Clinton. God knows, I've felt similar frustrations and might have said something of the kind in an unguarded moment. It's too bad she had to leave the Obama team over the incident. I just hope that she still gets to exert an influence over a prospective Obama Administration's thinking on international relations and human rights law, because she's an important voice in these areas.

But that's a long way off--if there ever even is an Obama Administration.
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"In a far recess of summer
Monks are playing soccer."

No. Really.
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[ profile] ryuusama recruited me to scout out a couple of Capitol Hill-area apartments, yesterday, in preparation for her planned move here, this summer. A series of excerpts from my reported findings follow, with her responses. Place names and some other revealing specifics have been omitted/changed to protect us both against all of you crazed LiveJournal stalkers:

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From last Friday's Washington Post: During the Hoover Administration, the U.S. developed a contingency plan to invade Canada.  Raiding the Icebox! )

Apparently, however, the Canadians were way ahead of us: Canadian Counter-Attack! )

Or, as the Toronto Globe and Mail put it on Saturday: "They'd Take Halifax--And Then We'd Kill Kenny!"

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... may I present the Jib-Jab Year in Review, courtesy of [ profile] yesthattom .

Also, Doonesbury considers the perils of modern medicine when you're a Creationist, brought to you courtesy of [ profile] feyandstrange .

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Friday night, [ profile] sleepwhenimdead and [ profile] sarrabellum, and I went to a mutual friend's house for a party featuring a warm fire, mulled cider, and short fiction. At the hosts' request, guests brought a variety of short stories suitable for reading aloud.

This turned out to be a remarkably good idea: people read things like Stanislaw Lem's "A Good Shellacking" (from his collection, Cyberiad), Salman Rushdie's "The Mail Coach" (from his Haroun and the Sea of Stories), Ethan Cohen's (of Cohen Brothers filmmaking fame) "I Killed Phil Shapiro" (from his Gates of Eden), a chapter from Nicholson Baker's XXX-rated The Fermata, O. Henry's The Count and the Wedding Guest (you can read the entire story at that link--worth the chuckle), and the first chapter of Daniel Pinkwater's Uncle Boris in the Yukon and Other Shaggy Dog Stories--generally to peals of laughter.

All of which reminds me that I don't have enough short fiction, or enough humor, on my bookshelf.
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"One recent Lent, he gave up talking to himself in public." - Heather King commentary, All Things Considered, 3/4/05

I could never do that ...
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On the bus to work, yesterday, I was sitting near two fiftyish Afro-American guys who were talking about getting old, various other things. Then one of them leaned over, asked me:

-"Hey--You a fortune-teller?"
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