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Video of Tuesday night's celebrations in Seattle (all over the world, for that matter) is already up on YouTube and lots of other places. But even though it's a few days late, I just have to post a few of these--some of the best footage of that night's celebrations in Seattle was recorded in my neighborhood, on the block of Broadway between Pike and Pine Streets. Just in case you've seen them before and are over it already, though, I've placed the footage behind an LJ cut, below.

Capitol Hill Hipsters Break Out into National Anthem, Dance Night Away--Click Here for Video )How many kinds of awesome is that?

Wall Art

Jun. 22nd, 2008 10:37 pm
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I'm all about the pic-posts, today. The latest is a tribute to [ profile] dlasky and everyone else who contributed to a certain neighborhood art project:

Didn't I say that Seattle needed murals? )
Nice work, guys.

06/26/08 EDIT: The post has been updated today, including a more complete representation of the mural.
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I won't say that the 500 block of Pine Street was paradise, but they did pave it and put up a parking lot.
rant, rant, rant )
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The view from my living room window has gotten a little more film noir since the Cap Hill Twice Sold Tales moved in across the street. The five-color neon sign glowers through the venetian blinds on a rainy day like the window of Arthur Gwynn Geiger's bookstore in The Big Sleep:

Twice Sold Tales

Some neighbors have complained about the faint glare, but the store's owner is considerate enough to turn the sign off when they close at night, so it's not like they're flagrant about it. And having a weakness for that whole trashy neon aesthetic, I kind of enjoy the ambience.

Inside, the new store has a completely different feel, a labyrinthine quality that reminds me of the monastic library in The Name of the Rose: perhaps a dozen rooms full of books winding around almost the entire first floor of the Abonita building. The space is too small for you to actually lose your way, but it almost feels as though you could.

And then there are the cats ... )
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Sometimes, a photo seems to compose itself:

Cafe Mecca at Night

I stumbled on this scene one night coming back from the Noir City festival, and made a point of bringing along the new camera the next time that I ventured to Lower Queen Anne.

Love that sign ...
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People lament that there are no decent bars left on Cap Hill.

Seriously, I have no idea what they're talking about:

vhat beautiful muzik zey make )
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You ever meet one of those guys who's constantly got to out-cynical everybody in the room? The kind of person who thinks that absolutely everything sucks and that you're an utter fool if you don't think so?

Kinda tiresome, isn't it?
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Happy New Year from Seattle!

Edit, 12:08 PM, 01/01/08: To those of you in Seattle, today's P.I. reports on the apparent computer glitch that made this year's show so much less impressive than last year's event (2007 footage at above link).
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I finally turned in my keys to my old fourth-floor walkup on Belmont, Wednesday.

Things I will miss about living there:

1) The dramatic views of downtown
final glances out the window )
2) The kitschy murals
specially for dlasky )
3) Being right on top of five downtown bus routes
4) The neverending supply of abandoned free stuff in the laundry room
5) The pink flowers that bloom on the hedge out front in the spring

Things that I won't miss about living there (of which no photos are necessary):

1) My cramped little studio
2) The drafty, poorly-insulated windows
3) The ineffective electric heat
4) The old wiring and recurrent power outages
5) The high staff turnover
6) The smell of urine in the elevator
7) The new neighbor with the little yippy dog

There are pluses, there are minuses, but on the whole this move has been a substantial upgrade. I'll post some more pictures of the new place, once I get my wall art up.
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I've lived at two addresses in Seattle, about a block apart from one another, both handsome old former residential hotels built during the 1920s.

The first one was an ivy-covered building on a cobblestoned side street. The landlady kept vases of fresh flowers on every landing, and each floor's common spaces were painted in a different color theme. On the minus side, the apartments were small and outrageously expensive.

My current building has many attractive qualities, including cutesy '20s and Northwest-themed murals on every floor: the Kalakala plying the Sound, a propeller plane banking by Mt. Rainier, bathers at Alki, etc. The rent's not even all that bad, as Seattle goes.

But it looks like I'm about ready for another move.

Thoughts During a Blackout )

You can gauge my affection for this neighborhood by the fact that I'm now considering a move to a third address about five blocks away. And thanks to [ profile] jmargethe, who's just about to move out of the apartment in question, I know that the place would be a step up from my current digs in pretty much every way.
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I've been meaning to post these for ages, too:

Independence Day Pics )
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My company had a swanky reception for our clients at Seattle's Columbia Tower, a few weeks back. Staff were paid to show up, eat, and mingle with the guests, so it turned out to be a pretty good deal for us. My one regret was that I didn't bring my digital camera, so the only images I managed to capture of the view from up there were via my cell phone. Still, I like this view of the Smith Tower seen from high above:

itty bitty skyscraper )EDIT, 07/30/07: As with seemingly every other building in Seattle, there's currently talk afoot of turning it into condos.

All Ages

May. 28th, 2007 08:46 pm
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I only managed to get down to Folklife for part of the day on Sunday, and ended up spending most of the afternoon swaying and stomping at the very un-folksy Ska tent with [ profile] sleepwhenimdead and [ profile] sarrabellum. There was actually one fella there in Old School Ska regalia: black suit, black hat with a headrag underneath, white socks, one pant leg rolled up past the ankle. Then there were all these kids in pastels--some of them like junior-high-school age. I love how Ska bridges those generational divides--and convinces all of us that we can actually dance.

I wonder whether Mr. Old School's knees felt any less abused than mine, after the sway and stomp ...
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Last week, [ profile] attam talked me into going to a cabaret sendup of James Cameron's Aliens at ReBar--a movie which, you have to admit, was always really asking for it:

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Alehouses, Grindhouses )
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I've been reading Love & Rockets since the mid-1980s.  I feel as though grew up with Xaime Hernandez' Margarita "Maggie" Chascarillo and Esperanza "Hopey" Glass, and I love the way that these characters have evolved over the years.  More than any other fictional characters I can think of, they're like people I know--people I've known since "we" were teenagers.

I've always been a big fan of Beto Hernandez' Palomar stories, too: I certainly won't be the first to liken these to Gabriel Garcia Marquez' Macondo or Fellini's Amarcord--tightly-knit fictional communities whose dozens of characters you come to know with the intimacy of family, or at least with the intimacy of the village gossip.

Which is why it looks like I'm spending a big chunk of this weekend in Georgetown:

25 Years of Love & Rockets! )
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Visiting my old office for the first time since I left the job, last year, I kept thinking how small it all looked. You know, like going back to grade school, years later.

Except that I'm definitely not any taller, in this case. (Instead, the looking glass I've walked through consists of the shiny doors of a big ol' downtown skyscraper.)

Later on, while some former coworkers and I were nattering away over happy hour at Toi, the whole scene reminded me that I met some of my favorite Seattle people, in that dimly-lit little Belltown office suite: Jen M, MJ, Sandra, Randall, etc. Sigh.

Not that I would ever work there, again.

Anyway, looks like a bunch of us are going to hang out again, on Friday. :)
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At this time of year, I'm usually far away, visiting family, and depending on friends to take care of my pets. This time, however, I'm in Seattle, learning more about the exciting petsitter lifestyle. For the last several days, I've been minding [ profile] jmargethe's cat Luka and rabbit Cleaves, while she makes the Christmas pilgrimage home. Meanwhile, at her invitation, I'm enjoying high speed internet access and a DVD player that doesn't hiccup like mine. Also, steam heat.

The other day, I ran into someone who's petsitting for a mutual friend, who gushed about the cable access that went with the gig. Can you say "hi-five"?
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My office is on an upper storey downtown, with a pretty decent view of the waterfront and peninsula. More than ever today, though, I was wishing that I had a decent camera with me, up there: the wind that had been taking down power lines overnight had whipped the normally-placid surface of Puget Sound into a froth, and there were actual breakers crashing churning up against the piers. It looked like we were in Atlantic City or something.

It was quite a sight, although I wouldn't have wanted to be out on a boat in that--or on one of the floating bridges, from what I was hearing about the commute across the Lake. Still: wow.


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