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The unconscious mind will take you to some obscure and bewildering places when you're not looking.

For example, this morning's sleepy itinerary followed the nagging sense that I'd forgotten something through college, an ex girlfriend's apartment, and prison.


Did I say "obscure and bewildering"?

So: Apparently still in college, I was packing up to leave the dorms at the end of the school year. But I worried that I'd forgotten something. I couldn't figure out what it was, so I left.

We'll skip the part about the parts about the bus, hotel, and bicycle.

I had to visit one of my exes on the way home, because my unconscious decided there was literally no way to my apartment except through hers. In fact, I just had the upstairs.

She let me in via the sliding glass door. It seemed I'd forgotten my key, if nothing else. My ex told me that there was pie in the kitchen. I'm not clear on whether I had my own kitchen or not. At this point, I didn't seem to.

I probably got something to eat. I don't remember.

I sat down on the couch out of sheer inertia. I was asleep, after all.

She was sitting across the room, on another couch by the tv. She was kind of giggly, but would only communicate with me via IM.

She asked me if I'd had sex with Floyd in prison.

I didn't remember being in prison or who Floyd was. But it was a dream, so I would probably make up a memory later. I said that I didn't have sex with Floyd and didn't particularly want to.

She was all giggly, and typed that, well, she had sex with Pam in prison. I started making up memories of who Floyd and Pam were.

Anyway, while I fabricated memories of Floyd and Pam for the sake of ... well, discussion, I got frustrated with IMing across the room. I asked "Hey, why don't we just talk out loud?" She got very irritated and ended the conversation right there.

I got upstairs and took off my coat. Exhausted, I couldn't get the idea out of my head: I forgot something at school ...

Please. That's like dreaming about an iceberg because it's cold outside.
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I ask: How many different ways can you say: "Get over it?" ;)


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